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Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Aviation Administration - Office of Regional Aviation Assistance
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ORAA Programs

Annual Inspection and Licensing Program

ORAA Inspection VehicleThe ORAA conducts annual inspections and issues an Airport Operating License or Registration Certificate to those airports in compliance with State regulations. Those regulations are used to establish objective standards by which airport facilities can be measured. Federal standards are used as a guide during the inspection process to report on-airfield conditions which are disseminated in through Federal Aviation Administration publications. This provides a level of standardization for Maryland’s public-use airports; and, subsequently, timely and accurate information for the flying public on the conditions they might expect at each airport.


AWOS Connectivity

AWOSAfter several years and many technical hurdles the ORAA is nearing completion of its statewide AWOS integration/connectivity program that will offer substantially enhanced weather information to pilots across the state. Maryland Airports possess a total of twelve non-federally owned AWOS stations. For a variety of technical and administrative reasons, weather data from these state funded sites were not forwarded to the FAA and National Weather Service for dissemination to pilots. Working in conjunction with the University of Maryland University Research Foundation and several private contractors, ORAA was able to fund and coordinate a data collection and transmission system that meets the requirements of the FAA and NWS, making this important information available to all. Maryland pilots can now expect a roughly three fold increase in AWOS coverage statewide, offering increased safety and utility throughout Maryland’s’ air transportation system. See the Maryland Public Use Airports section of this site to view this live information.


Airport Safety Equipment Loan Program

The Airport Safety Equipment Loan Program, sponsored by the ORAA, assists most airports by providing on-loan, such items as rotating beacons, ground-to-air radios, windsocks, low frequency radio navigation transmitters and runway lights. This program ensures that pilots anywhere in the state, can confidently count on a minimum level of functionality and equipment needed to operate safely, regardless of any local factors. This program seeks also to raise the bar for Maryland’s public-use airports by adding on-airfield aids and equipment that add to the safety and utility of these facilities. RCO and GCO communication outlets, AWOS automated weather stations, and PAPI visual approach aides are just a few examples of our commitment to continuously improve Maryland's statewide air transportation infrastructure.

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Aviation Education

The State supports aviation education in Maryland through teacher workshops, student-teacher fly-ins and an annual student aviation art contest. Visits to schools to promote aviation career awareness can be tailored to most age-groups. Curriculum materials and teacher guides are also available. General aviation briefings and presentations by the ORAA staff are available for public meetings, seminars, air shows, flying clubs and pilot association meetings, as well as other aviation or civic group events.

A portable photo display and other audio/visual presentations are often used to illustrate discussion topics and disseminate literature.


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Office of Regional Aviation Assistance

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